Know about Killing of Windows Mobile

In the media Windows Phone of Microsoft has died for several times. In the last quarter the total of 1.1% of smartphone market share came in, due to this it’s all over. Also there are no chances of Windows 10 update coming in to save the platform. The only question that arises in the mind is, is the Windows 10 Phone is died? Some of the people would say yes and some would say no.

Samsung-Focus-Flash-headerThere are 100% chances of Windows Phone getting died more than door nail. In this case the music words “Windows Phone is dead” are needed to kill Windows phone off. That means as much as the media believes and spreads these words of Windows Phone is dead, and then there are 100% chances of Windows Phone getting died. Because of this no one will prefer to develop and buy dead devices. In the blogs and many executives are not responding to this, but they are just saying that they are going either of those things. This saying is correct the form there side and it is only for the point of sales because the sales are decreasing day by day.

Apart from this issue, there is other issue of app gap. Aside from that, there is the app gap issue. Now while many people can say that Windows Phone’s app catalogue is sufficient and deride others who rely on apps as “app-crazy” or other derogatory terms, the truth Is that the app gap is still sufficiently large so as to appear insurmountable. It is not small for some people, for others it is literally insurmountable.

Someone who relies on Snapchat for their job as a social media manager, someone who has a hobby of reading Medium posts before work, someone whose social circle uses Kik extensively, the list goes on. There are simply too many apps that the platform doesn’t have, and Microsoft has shown 0 interests in cleaning up the store and pressing delete on worthless apps.

In terms of OEMs, Microsoft’s OEMs like HTC, Samsung, LG and Huawei – OEMs who are doing good work on the Android side, have firmly snubbed Windows Phone. Microsoft itself seems to be snubbing Windows Phone, with Tencent last week noting that Windows Phone was losing users and Microsoft wasn’t doing anything about it.

What’s New In LG 55EG9100?

The LG 55EG9100 OLED TV’s image is best than any LCD or plasma TV. It’s equally adept in bright and dark rooms, showed correct color, and appears higher from off-angle than any crystal rectifier LCD. Its 1080p resolution is masses for a 55-inch screen. The TV appearance hanging in the flesh, with organic curves Associate in Nursingd an insane zero.25-inch depth on most of its body. The unhealthy Albeit the most-affordable OLED TV nevertheless, the 55EG9100 remains terribly high-priced for a 55-inch TV. Not like most high-end TVs it does not support HDR sources, and a few crystal rectifier LCDs will get brighter. Its 3D image quality is not nice, and uniformity issues will seem within the darkest scenes.LG 55EG9100

As the least-expensive OLED TV on the market, the LG 55EG9100 provides you all of the amazing image quality blessings of that technology for a value that is a trifle but astronomical. it is a stretch to decision it a “bargain” at $2,000 for fifty five inches, however not like LG’s alternative OLED TVs, it’s somewhere shut the realm that several individuals will afford. In the Britain this TV is understood because the 55EG910V and sells for £1,799, whereas in Australia it is the 55EG910T and sells for AU$3,999. Other than variations in good TV app support, the TVs are essentially just likes the U.S.A. version I reviewed here.

The very fact that it’s “only” 1080p and not 4K resolution should not be a deal breaker for many individuals. Neither ought to its incapability to handle HDR sources. It’ll still crush any LED-based LCD TV we have seen overall, together with the highest-end models with 4K and HDR. Then again, if you put in force your next TV having those next-generation options — a wonderfully affordable stance, particularly on a TV this high-priced, the 55EG9100 is not for you.

OLED display tech allows TVs to get amazingly thin, the top 3rd or so of the EG9100 measures less than a quarter inch deep, thinner than a pencil. That extra thickness, plus the curved screen, means the EG9100 won’t hang as flush to the wall as you might like. You’ll also need to buy a particular bracket, model OTW150 ($150 list), to wall-mount the TV. It won’t work with standard VESA wall mounts, which are typically much less expensive.

Key Features:                                           

Display technology                     –             OLED

LED backlight                                 –             N/A

Resolution                                     –           1080p

HDR-compatible                          –             No

Screen shape                              –             Curved

Screen finish                               –         Glossy

Smart TV                                       –     Web OS 2.0

Remote                                         –     Motion

3D technology                            –     Passive

3D glasses included                 –     2 pairs

Microsoft Updates Windows App Studio with Templates and Support for Word Press

Microsoft announced various updates to the free Windows App Studio Beta for the purpose of building Windows applications. There are different new templates available for Windows such as a tool for the dropping ads and the new trending ways to display the content in applications. Windows Phone App Studio Beta was first launched in year 2013 by Microsoft. However, it was relaunched with the new name called Windows App Studio Beta. Microsoft rolled out the updates here and there that includes the Touch Develop programming language support. Now there are several changes for the users to check out:

Windows App Studio is mainly consists of point and click experience so peoples often used other services to build application. It is open up for the non technical users that boasted 2.3 million users. The customers do not get irritated when they screw up with the cross-channel personalization. They are jump ship. Just find out how to save the bacon on the free research based webinar with the Insight’s Andrew Jones. Some of the users have questions on the ability to place ads inside the apps which they create with Windows App Studio, as per the service’s User Voice page, and now it is possible.

It is always great to have the people using and enjoy the apps, but it is even better when the eyeballs is translated into revenue as Windows App Studio team have blogs about the latest update. You can also connect the Word Press blog to the Windows App Studio and can use one of the three templates that were introduced by Microsoft which is specifically dedicated to Word Press. Here is example of an app which was built with the same template.

The other two important templates for the app are My Shop which is used to implement the ecommerce experience or to show many visual design and events that provides information to the people who are attending events with the room for speaker biographies.

And there are few new ways to display and explore images. You can also turn on new Carousel that switches out the multiple images in a slideshow. You can also given the option to change the background and adjust image for each of the sections individually and choose how each of the sections appear on default/home section of the application.

Google Cardboard Lets You Preview Virtual Reality 

It will be very nice and great when you see the thing s in different way. Isn’t it? ‘3D’, Graphics are the leading technology which has ability to sort the things in different way, to get 360 degree, previewing of the image as per requirements. Are you still feeling bore with these ‘2D’ image applications as they provide not many facilities rather than previewing two dimensional objects images on the screen. Being in the advanced technology world, you should be very familiar with these extraordinary innovations. These innovations had made lot of change in every point of view by altering the way of seeing the objects.

Google Cardboard Lets You Preview Virtual Reality Impact of Google Cardboards on this Crazy World!!!

Have you ever guess about how this street viewing, down climbing, lanterns, proton pulse, beer box, etc. helps you in altering the image angle by its lens and using other magnetic technique. These all apps can be easily carried out by a single object which is quite often cheap and very easy to use. Do you want to know?  Here it is ’Google Cardboard’  which is used in the different part of the world being cheapest works a lot in viewing images in 3D which results in fun and enjoyment for most of the users who preferred.

Google Cardboard’s name itself defining its structure that it is made up of cardboard in addition to lens are fitted and contained some magnetic materials. This really works when you rotate this, the objects view gets rotated and it will be great experience of enjoyment with this application. If you are interested to know about the Google Cardboard, firstly you need to understand the concept of Virtual Reality as this Google Cardboard is dependable on the VR.

Virtual Reality- Makes Difference:

Virtual Reality which is commonly short to ‘VR’ play a vital role in viewing and also in listening of the things as it deals with these two prospective. This Virtual Reality creates an imaginative world catching the actions and reaction of the things happening in this world. It is highly imaginative designed especially for catching every single motion of human. It has an ability to change and modify image by adjusting as per the perspective of the users.

Do you Know How VR and Google Cardboards Are Related?

Now, you may have doubt how this VR is related to Google Cardboards, isn’t it? Firstly you came to know the importance of the Google Cardboards and then it’s all about VR in the above discussion. But meanwhile there is strong relation between these two as the Google Cardboards works on VR’s concept. These Cardboards aim for viewing near experience of the users which creating fun, simple and in a natural way. These Cardboards works for Windows, Android and other devices too.

Know More About Microsoft SharePoint and Its Services

What is Share Point?

Share point is a web-based which is used by the different organization for creating websites. With the help of it, you can interact, even it acts as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from almost any device. Share point by creating websites, it can really help to improve your organization’s effectiveness with the interaction of employees with the other employees and also with the management. This website helps to share views on the different topic at any desired times, it is easy to access to data which can be includes Excel, Word, Outlook, Info Path, Sql server, and many ,more for knowing updates of the organization. Here’s more about the different strategies follow in share point and servicing of Microsoft’s, in order to improve effectiveness of organization.More About Microsoft SharePoint and Its Services

There are various share point and service available; Windows SharePoint Services, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Microsoft Search Server are the different Share point and service. In this article, i will explain you more about Microsoft sharepoint and its services as it has many advantages. Each of different type of sharing point service of Microsoft is inbuilt with their own functionalities for making benefit to the users. It is interesting about Share point and services so let us further discuss in this article more about Microsoft share point and its services so that we may get enough knowledge about this sharing point and service by which we can adopt it and used for our organization.

SharePoint extends Exchange Server:

Some users have the habit of using Exchange Server to handle email traffic for tracking mails and service of their organization. Then users can create a SharePoint site as a singular point for receiving Exchange traffic which can consists of all the mails at one place and every employee of the organization can share and exchange their views or thoughts through Exchange server point of Microsoft share point and service.

Share Point and service are scalable:

This Sharing point helps to create sites for team sharing, interacting and managing of project specific documents and files, testing, and other collaborative functions are a natural application of SharePoint. As the team members are not limited it can be added as per the requirements so it is scalable.

Share points are very customize:

All the customers can have free chance to join this share point or can also edit for only viewing the point. Due to this facility, customers are really enjoying the information which is getting from this sharing point of the Microsoft.

Share point extend path of information:

As the information is collected and stored at one place from this, a lot of information about the particular concept can be gathered at one place. For a new user, it gives a path for collecting and knowing the exact information of the concept which the users want.

Metadata is used in Share point:

Metadata is used to create division of the storage system which means that if any share point include huge amount of the data, then for the convenient of the user as if the user find bulk then users may get feel and if the sharing information is huge, it is difficult to consider are also. So in this scenarios these metadata is used as it promote aspects of representing data of work flow in various stages.

Share Point can import data:

It can also import data from the various storing devices, even it is also able to import with the different external devices and also with the other external storage devices. From this user didn’t need to type the information, it can be just simply transfer.