Solution for AVI File Which is Incorrectly Truncated

AVI files are the file format of the video files which contain the good quality of the file when compared to the other file formats of the video file. These files include both audio and video data in the container that allows the user to synchronous audio with video playback like the other file format DVD video file format. These files store their digital data in .avi file extension. As we all know about the video file that it works well in understanding the concept of the digital data. For these facilities of this media file, users are much crazier about this media file.

Due to these features of this media file, it is widely used by the different users all over the globe but sometimes the files become inaccessible because of several different reasons. As it is downloaded from the internet server there is the chance that due to one or the other reasons the AVI file will turn out to be truncated which results unplayable on any media player. AVI file gets truncated and due to this, it is unplayable on the Mac system. This event may lead to the breakage of AVI files which made the user not to access these AVI files.avi file incorrectly truncated

What kind of problems a user may encounter with AVI files:

  • AVI file will be unplayable on any media player. From this user may not able to get the idea of data of which the AVI file contains.
  • Sometimes what happened is that there will be no sound while playing these AVI files on the system. Only pictures will be running in the background. This is a problem associated with the codec problems of the AVI files.
  • There might be a chance that another problem may occur due to the codec problem which is quite opposite to the above condition that only audio is playable and no pictures are visible while playing the video file.
  • Due to broken or corrupted of the AVI files, there is a chance that pictures get freezes in the middle and the sound get continues without freezing.
  • If the AVI files get corrupted the frames of it then there is a chance that the pictures get pixilated and blocky from which users may not get the exact idea of the information containing in AVI files.
  • Sometimes due to the bad AVI index, AVI files cannot seek or skip the content of it while watching it.

These are some problems may be happened with the AVI files. To know the solution for these problems and to prevent the AVI files from these problems. Follow some steps of prevention’s which can prevent AVI files from these above problems and you can easily access the files.To know more about the data securing of AVI file, read on continuously this page and get know how to secure the digital data of the AVI files with the help its preventive steps.

Instead of these steps, AVI files become inaccessible and cannot read the data of it because of bad sectors, incomplete download of the AVI file, virus infection, etc. At this stage, user requires a repair tool like Fix DivX Mac which can repair AVI file incorrectly truncated and make the file accessible again with its advanced features. Let us discuss the features of this tool which can easily repair AVI file.

Features of this Utility:

This tool is built with advanced features and scanning process which can easily repair the AVI files which are inaccessible for any reasons.

Guidelines on How to Fix MP4 Video Files

MP4 video file is a container file format that provides high quality videos which can be playable on the various media players. It contains both video and audio files which are also known as MPEG-4 part 14. By using this you can access the digital multimedia file formats which are developed by MPEG based on Quick time container format of Apple. MP4 is much same to the MP3 container but this MP4 file contains extra complex techniques for compressing the video file. MP4 video files has various advantages but sometimes when we try to play your favorite video file you may get an error because of various reasons such as , improper transfer, virus attack, improper closing, improper recovery, bad sectors and so on. Nowadays MP4 video repair becomes easy task with the help of reliable repairing software called Fix MP4 which effortlessly scan the entire data and fixes corrupted or damaged MP4 file within a few steps and while fixing MP4 files, it repairs audio and video separately and later adjoining them and creates new error free video.

MP4 video repairVarious Reasons behind Video File Corruption:

Virus Infection: Virus is a small harmful program which enters into system by internet or virus attacked external flash storage devices which affect files stored on computer including your video file. Virus infected video file becomes unplayable based on the virus infection severity.

Bad Sectors: The small undetectable part of storage devices space is called bad sectors which are created due to formatting of hard drive or improper shutdown in frequent manner. If the MP4 video files hold upon this bad sector then it will become unreadable due to corruption.

Improper Closing of MP4 File: You should open and close any file in a proper way. If you opened or closed video file in improper way means files may get damaged or corrupted.

Imperfect Software: In order to change file format you may use some unreliable video file editor software which causes severe corruption due to faulty coding.

Round Tripping: If you attempt to play MP4 video files in various electronic gadgets means you should convert the file format to overcome device compatibility. During this file format conversion if any error occurs means video file become unplayable.

These video file corruption situations can be overcome with powerful MP4 fixing tool named Fix MP4 which fixes corrupted or damaged MP4 as well as MOV files without any delay because it has special inbuilt repairing mechanism. By continue reading you can find out various salient features of this smarter, faster and better tool.

  • This tool has easy to use feature with the help of effortless Graphical User Interface (GUI) therefore you can understand the repairing steps easily.

  • It repairs corrupted video which are recorded on the various camcorders and cameras like Samsung, Nikon, GoPro, Canon, Kodak, Sony, Panasonic, and so on.

  • This tool can fix corrupt video files having different codecs like mp4v, mjpeg, avc1, RAW, MP4A, and sowt.

  • You can evaluate the fixed MP4 video files using preview option after finishing the repair process on this tool.

  • MP4 video repair can be achieved on various versions of Windows like Windows 7, Vista, XP, 8, 2003, and 2008.

Nikon MOV Repair Tool to Fix Corrupted or Damaged Video Files

“Yesterday I have recorded a video using Nikon digital camera and it was about two hour recording. My friend later on transferred this video into computer, but while trying to play this video some problem encountered, don’t know the real reason behind it. Now we are really tensed, as we have no idea on what we should do.  Probably the video file is corrupted.”

Is there any solution to overcome this problem?”Nikon is one of the most accepted digital cameras which is used in photography or graphics field to capture photos and store high quality photos and videos. Several situations may pop up due to which MOV files gets corrupted on digital camera, this may be known or unknown reason. In these situations, you may get tensed and start to worry about how to repair corrupted or damaged video files on digital cameras.

Don’t be tensed! Because, here is the tool maned as Fix Quick Time File software that helps you to fix Nikon MOV files. This is a safe and secure tool which is designed to perform Nikon MOV repair on Windows and Mac OS.

Some of the various causes due to which Nikon MOV file get damaged or corrupted:

  • If you abruptly removed the memory card from Nikon digital camera when you are transferring MOV files from digital camera to computer or vice versa then there is a chance for the corruption of MOV file which makes it unplayable on computer as well as on digital cameras.
  • Sometimes, while you are recording video from digital camera, you have suddenly switched off the camera due to low battery issue which is also one of the main reason behind the MOV file corruption on digital cameras.
  • If are using third party tool for converting the Nikon files format from one to other on computer without any technical proper knowledge to how to fix corrupted or damaged video files then their might chance of MOV file corruption.
  • Sometimes, due to bad sectors the MOV files stored on memory card gets corrupted that makes the file inaccessible on digital cameras, computer, laptops, and so on.

Significant Features of Fix Quick Time File software:

  • This software is one of the most recommended tool specially designed to repair damaged or corrupted video files on various digital camera brands like Nikon, Olympus, Kodak, Canon, Sony, etc.
  • It is capable of repairing video files stored on various memory cards such as SD cards, CF cards, XD cards, MMC, and so on.
  • This software has the ability to fix Nikon MOV files stored on memory card with different file system such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS and EXFAT on different Windows and Mac platforms.
  • It repairs different video formats like AVI, XVID AND DIVX and so on various Nikon camera brands.
  • This application has inbuilt effective algorithm which is capable enough to fix corrupted, damaged and formatted video files without any complexities.
  • This software has provides a preview option to view the repaired video file on Windows and Mac prior to restoration to desired location.

How to Fix Bad MP4 Video Files?

“Hello friends last night I was downloading a movie in MP4 video file format. When 98% of that movie is downloaded then my system got shutdown abruptly due to power failure. After power came back, I turned on my system; I played that video in media player. But due to abrupt shutdown, that video is corrupted. Now I want to repair corrupted MP4 video. If you guys have any idea about how to fix bad MP4 video files then please suggest me.”

mp4This is one of the common scenarios behind the MP4 video file corruption. Apart from this, there are many more reasons behind the corruption of video files. If you are experiencing same problem and looking for a tool to fix bad MP4 files then Fix MP4 software is one of the reliable application. You just do one thing, download and install this fixing tool and make your unplayable MP4 video file to playable one. You can get more updated details about this tool by following this link

Some reasons behind the corruption of MP4 video files:

  • Interrupted MP4 files transferring process: When you transfer any MP4 video files from any storage device to the system, if any interruption occurs due to any unwanted reasons such as abrupt shutdown of system, power failure or some other reasons. Then there is a chance of corruption of video files.
  • Codec corruption: Trying to play MP4 video files in unsupported media player repeatedly cause the reason behind the corruption of codec. And once codec get corrupted then you can listen only audio of that video file.
  • Unreliable third party video editing tool: Many of the third party editing tools is not reliable in nature and they don’t give you any assurance that after editing there is no any chance of corruption of video files. So use of these types of tools may cause the reason behind the corruption of MP4 video files.
  • Some other reasons: These are some reasons behind the corruption of MP4 video files. Apart from these, some other reasons are abrupt shutdown of system, incomplete downloading of MP4 video files, software corruption, virus infection, boot sector corruption and so on.

However, if you want to repair bad MP4 video files then Fix MP4 software is capable enough to fix any type of corrupted MP4 video files with few clicks of mouse.

Some features of Fix MP4 software:

  • Fix MP4 tool works in both platform of operating system (Windows OS and Mac OS X).
  • This tool is capable enough to repair Bad MP4 files from any storage device such as USB flash drives, external hard drives, secure digital card, smart phones and many more.
  • You can preview the fixed MP4 files after the fixing process of corrupted MP4 video files.
  • Apart from MP4 repairing process, this tool also fixes any type of corrupted MOV video files
  • This software is available for free downloading, so get it right now and repair all your corrupted MP4 video files before they are overwritten by any of the files.

Note: To know more about MP4 files you can visit this webpage.

Simple Approach to Fix QuickTime Video Files

fix QuickTime file“Hi guys, my friend recorded some video at my wedding (using a Nikon camera and some using other brand of camcorder). I transferred those files (some were .mov and .mod extensions) on to my computer. Everything was going well until my system got shutdown improperly while playing those video on QuickTime media player. After this, there seems to be an issue with playing those videos. Previously when I played them there was no problem at all! But, now the .mov video file is missing sound when played. I have no idea about any of this stuff, but it’s very important to me to figure this out, at all possibilities. Is anyone experiencing such a kind of problem? Or does someone know a way to fix QuickTime file? If you guys have any suggestions, please share. Thank you”

Some of the reasons for QuickTime video file corruption:

  • Codec issues: While open / playing a video file on QuickTime media player you might experience an error message saying “Error 8971- file could not be open” This kind of error usually occurs due to codec issues or sometimes due to incomplete file downloading also while forceful shut down of the computer. So, to fix codec issues use only qualified QuickTime file repairer.
  • Header corruption: Header is the housing for all vital information’s like name, date of creation, size, extension, modified date, so on. This header usually tends to corrupt due to downloading error.  This may result in damaging the video file.
  • Playing QuickTime video file on incompatible media players: All though, QuickTime video file are compactible on several media players. There are few of the utilities which does not support the codec for MOV/ MP4 videos. In such cases if you try to open / play it on irreconcilable players, may result in damaged / corrupted video files.
  • Green screen: This is very common problem faced by most of the users. Suppose, if you had downloaded one of your favorite movie from internet and while playing it on QuickTime media player, you may hear sound without video visibility with a green screen background. In such circumstances, why to download the file again when it’s very easy to fix it!
  • Other motives: Sometimes reasons like audio – video out of synchronization, bad sectors, inappropriate recovery tool etc. may cause in file corruption.

Simple ways to repair QuickTime video files:

All the above corruption / damage scenarios can be effortlessly resolved by using repair QuickTime file application.This tool is bug free and reads the original file, identifies the causes behind the video file corruption and fixes them effectively and saves them as a new healthy file. It is offers “preview” of repaired video file in the demo version of the tool, so that you can get confidences of about the software before buying the paid version. The best of all features is, this tool separates both video and audio streams before fixing processing and after repairing it joins both the stream together. Try it out this software for optimum results.

How to Fix Corrupted MP4 Video Files?

There are plenty of media files present in different format. Among different types of format the most used and the most reliable video format is MP4, also known as Mpeg-4. This format is capable of playing audio and video in a proper way. The file format is compatible in many players. Also they can be played in many devices including DSLR cameras, iPods, smartphones etc. MP4 provides excellent quality for audio as well as video.

But, we all know that corruption of any video file including MP4 is inevitable. Many users have suffered a lot because of the corruption of the MP4 files.

To repair your broken or damaged MP4 files there is best software available in the market known as the Fix Corrupted MP4 Video. Some reasons why these software is best for repairing your video files:

  • Fix corrupted MP4 video files on Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, etc. within a fraction of time.
  • Fix Corrupted MP4 Video is an awesome tool to repair any MP4 file on computer or laptop.
  • Best software to repair MP4 as well as .mov files.
  • Audio and video codecs such as MP4V, AVC1, SOWT, MJPEG, RAW, MP4A, etc.
  • Can fix the audio and video files which are not synchronizing with each other.
  • Fixing procedure takes less time.
  • Mac and Windows compatible software.
  • Preview of the repaired files is available prior to purchase.
  • Even if the file has lots of error fix corrupted MP4 video can repair it swiftly.
  • Advanced algorithms to repair the corrupted Mp4 files.

Let’s enlighten you with some scenarios where the MP4 files are corrupted:

When you have a  video which is corrupted it will either behave differently than as usual or you might not be able to play it all.

  • Renaming extension of the MP4 video file: File extension is used to distinguished a particular file with the help of an extension followed by a dot. Changing the extension of any file by you, or with the help of a third-party tool, without having any knowledge, could produce an unpredictable output. The resultant video file could produce flickering screens while playing the video files, or user might not be able to open the files also.
  • Improper Recovery: Using some unreliable recovery tool to get back MP4 files from your system can produce error.
  • Malware Infection: Virus can infiltrate your system from internet, infected source, or from a public network. This type of deadly virus will reside in your system and compromise the information stored in the MP4 files. If this happens then maximum chances is that your MP4 files might get corrupt.
  • Bad download: Many users download different types of video from the web. Suppose, if the download of these videos are interrupted then you may receive a faulty video file. Download might get interrupted due to many reasons such as slow network speed, using defective down-loader tool.
  • System shutdown/restarted abruptly: While playing any videos if you restart /  shutdown your system then the next time when you play the video, you might experience problem like no sound, video is truncated, etc.. Also, same symptoms might show up if you are copying your video file from one device to another and then this process is interrupted.