Hard Disk Recovery Tips

Hard disk drive is without doubt the most frequently used storage device used to store majority of the important data. Obviously which makes the people worry a lot when they keep losing data from computer hard disk drive. The backup plan is often forgotten by most of the users. One way or the other every user are victims of data loss from hard disk drive. Some people move on after losing data as they find no way for recovering data from hard disk, may be the data they have lost is less relevant. But majority of the users will wander to find the best way for recovering data from hard disk. Data loss from hard disk drive occurs due to numerous reasons.

Losing data from hard disk drive due to physical damage is really an unfortunate situation. There is hardly any way to regain file after that but in most occasions your computer will warn you by giving signs before physical damage like frequent hanging of the system, unusual noises made by hard disk, warning messages, etc. If you notice such things in your computer, don’t wait too much, take backup of the entire hard drive in an external storage device. Our sincere advice to the readers is don’t neglect the warnings shown by computer.

Now let us at the common situations that lead to the loss of data from hard drive:

  • Accidental deletion: This happens most often with users, instead of removing an unwanted data from hard disk drive by mistake they will remove important data without verifying using “Shift + Delete” or “Command + Delete” keys which will bypass the Recycle Bin and Trash folder on Windows and Mac PC.
  • Unintentional formatting: Another major cause of losing data from hard disk drive. Intended to format an external storage device actually but due to mishap formatted the much important hard disk drive partition which erased the entire content from hard disk partition.
  • Reinstalling operating system: Without taking the backup of data, if you have reinstalled the operating system then it will remove the entire data from hard disk drive partition.
  • Improper shutdown: Inaccurate shut down of the computer can cause hard disk drive corruption and in these cases the user will be denied to access the files inside the hard disk drive. While trying to access the hard disk drive partition, the user will get displayed with format error message, if you click ok all the files will be lost, if you don’t it then you can never get into the hard disk drive partition.
  • Virus attack: Another major cause that lead to deletion of data from hard disk drive. If your computer gets infected with viruses then the files in the hard disk drive will also get affected as these will corrupted the file system and hence the entire files stored in the hard disk drive will be inaccessible. An updated antivirus will even remove the files that are affected with viruses.

Apart from these data loss situations there are various other predicted and unpredicted situations that can lead to loss of data from hard disk drive. There are inbuilt tools provided by Windows and Mac operating system to restore data lost from hard disk drive but these are not efficient in all data loss situations. Windows OS provide chkdsk.exe utility which is capable of handling minor logical inconsistency. This tool has the ability to fix file system errors and also helps in recovering data from hard disk to a certain extent. The best method for recovering data from hard disk drive is by making use of a professional third party tool like Hard Disk Data Recovery. It helps in safe recovery of data that is lost or deleted from hard drive due to any of the above mentioned situations.

Hard Disk Data Recovery is specifically built to recover deleted or data from hard drive partition that is formatted with various file system like NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+, etc. It is by far the best hard disk data recovery tool which helps in recovering data from hard disk regardless of the data loss situations. It helps to recover data from hard disk drive of various file formats like images, documents, audio video, etc. It is compatible to perform data recovery from hard disk drive on Windows and Mac. It recovers data from hard disk drive manufactured by brands like Seagate, WD, Hitachi, Maxtor, HP, Toshiba, IBM and many more. This tool allows the user to preview the recovered data in its interface to verify the content before saving into the desire location.

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