How to Recover Data after Formatting Hard Drive?

In computing, formatting means erasing the address of the data. So, if you are formatting the hard drive then all address will be erased which were provided for accessing the data saved on hard drive. As we know hard drive is the most essential part of computer, because without hard drive you won’t able to save any data on computer. In fact, operating system files are also going to be saved on hard drive and you know that without operating system, computer is of no use. Along with storing OS file, it is the main storage drive to save any data on any computer.

It is also known as default storage of any computer, as the name implies, any work done on computer is going to be saved on its hard drive. Beside this, it is the most preferred storage drive to store any data. That is why, many people use computer hard drive to keep their important data. So, if the hard drive gets formatted, it may create a big issue for many computer users.

If you are the one, facing loss of important data because of formatting the hard drive, then might be finding some valid method to perform formatted hard disk recovery. Don’t worry; try this powerful utility named as Hard Disk Data Recovery. It is the most preferred tool to recover data from formatted hard disk, which has been formatted due to becoming inaccessible or corruption of hard drive. This tool is developed after long research of expert teams about formatted hard disk data recovery. So, the utility is considered as more secure and safe to perform formatted hard disk recovery.

Some conditions when hard drive may get formatted or forced to format:

  • One of the common reason is accidental formatting the hard drive. It is mostly happens when you are trying to format any drive that is connected to desktop or laptop PC. In this case, you may format local hard drive of computer instead of formatting other removable drive.
  • When computer is infected by viruses or worms, there is a chance when you may find that hard drive refuse to open along with some error messages like format error, invalid disk, no drive etc. In such situation, you will be forced to format the drive for further use. And once it gets formatted, all data will be lost which were saved on that drive.
  • Sometimes, large number of bad sector created on hard drive might cause the drive. As a result hard drive may get inaccessible. Here, you won’t be able to reach any of the important data from inaccessible drive. In order to use the drive for the next time, you need to format it.
  • Improper file system conversion can also make the hard drive inaccessible, and hence you have no option other than formatting the hard drive. After formatting you may face huge amount of data loss.

Key attributes of Hard Disk Data Recovery software:

Hard Disk Data Recovery is read only tool, which ensures that it will never damage any of the data while performing formatted hard disk recovery process. Along with, the tool is built with easy to use and graphical interface, which will guide the users to perform hassle free operation to recover lost data due to formatted hard drive. This utility is highly capable to recover data from formatted internal or external hard drive of computer, which can also be utilized to recover lost data from formatted SSD, pen drive, memory stick and many more.

Any type of data recovery is possible from formatted hard drive using this effective tool. So, you will be able to efficiently recover lost images, audio/video files, documents, games and so on. The tool supports recovery of data from NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, HFSX, FAT32, exFAT etc., formatted file system drives on both Windows as well as Mac OS based computer.

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