How to Recover Data after Formatting the Drive?

Formatting drive is a process of arranging the drive to prepare it for initial use. It is also used to create one or more types of file systems. There are basically three types of formatting levels. One is low level formatting. The second process is the partition process which is used to make the partition visible to users. The third process of formatting is known as high level of formatting. This method is used to create a new level of file system. In some operating systems all of these methods can be combined to create a new disk medium which is used to fully store files. After formatting most of its files can be stilled found in the disk medium.

Different scenarios which describe how formatting is helpful to the users:

  • Formatting is useful in many scenarios like when you are using the hard drive for the first time. Suppose you have installed a new hard disk in your system then you need to format the drive with a new file system such as NTFS, so that you can store files on that drive.
  • Formatting also helps you to erase almost all the information that is present in the hard disk.
  • Formatting is also helpful during the virus attacks. If you don’t have an antivirus or if your antivirus fails to protect your system than formatting can be helpful to delete the virus.
  • Users might have encountered some situations when computer doesn’t start due to some error, or when your computer is not able to load the operating systems. During this scenario the computer will show some message which will inform us that the loading of operating system has failed. In that case formatting and installing a new clean operating system is the only way.
  • Formatting is also done when computer shows a black or blue screen error.
  • Suppose you are using an old version of Windows and you want to upgrade it to new version of Windows then it is better to install a clean operating system. To upgrade your Windows instead of upgrading the old operating system its better to format the drive and install a new operating systems.
  • When your computer is running slow what will you do? In most cases users prepare defrag the drives, use a third party application to remove the junk files, or scan the computer for virus. If this all methods fail then the best option is to format the drives.

Recover after format with the help of a recovery tool:

If you forget to back up your files before formatting or if you miss some important files during the backup then you don’t have to cry out loud. The good news is that in this article you will be introduced with a special recovery tool which will help you to recover after format. The After Format Recovery tool is known for producing maximum positive results. Some salient features of this tool  are discussed below:

  • With the help of the powerful algorithm technique which is used to build this tool it can easily carry out the recover after format.  This tools supports upto 300 types of file formats.
  • This tool can scan your formatted hard drive in few minutes and recover all your files without any hassle.
  • There is no compatibility issue while installing the software in Mac or Windows. This software performs swiftly with any versions.
  • This software can recover huge volume of data from any formatted or unformatted drives.
  • This tool gives you the privilege to preview the files before restoring.
  • Whether it is a USB, potable hard disk, memory card or any drives it is best tool to recover files from any situation.



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