How to Recover Lost Photos from any Flash Drive?

USB flash drive is a portable data storage device. You can save your all important data in it including images, videos, music or any other document files. The size of flash drive is quite small as compared to other storage devices. As well as, you can keep data in flash drive as a long time period. Nowadays, in online market there are many flash drive manufacturing brands are available (SanDisk. Kingston, Transcend, HP, Sony etc). But sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally you can face photos loss problem from flash drive.


At that moment, may be you get tensed because no one wants to loss there memorable pictures. In such circumstances you can take help of third party retrieval tools which is easily available in online market. With the help of Retrieve Lost Photos software you can easily restore any type of lost image files, either image files (TIF, PNG, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PSD, GIF etc) or raw image files (X3F, PEF, DNG, RAP, ORF, SR2, NEF, KDC etc). This tool has powerful scanning technique which helps you to scan quickly and retrieve lost photos in a hassle free manner.

Some common causes behind the photos loss from flash drive are:

  • Accidental formatting: When you format entire flash drive mistakenly then you can loss entire data from flash drive. If any image files are there, then you can loss those image files also.
  • Abrupt ejection of flash drive: When you perform data transferring task and due to any reasons, transferring task gets interrupted then this may cause the loss of important data from flash drive.
  • Virus infection: Infection of virus in flash drive or any type of storage device is such a critical problem. Due to virus attack either files get corrupted or lost from the storage device. SO, if the image files of your flash drive are infected from virus then there is a huge chance of loss of image files from flash drive.
  • Flash drive corruption: If you store your important pictures in your flash drive and due to any unwanted reasons if flash drive gets corrupted then you can loss your all image files from flash drive.

Above mentioned scenarios play a big role behind the loss of image files from flash drive. Many of the other reasons may also be the reasons behind image file loss such as unreliable third party tools, abrupt shutdown of system, software conflicts and so on. You only do one thing; just make a use of Retrieve Lost Photos software. Definitely you will recover lost photos by the help of this tool. This tool has some other key features which are explained below.

Features of Retrieve Lost Photos software:

  • Supports all major versions of Windows OS and Mac OS.
  • Compatible to restore lost photos from any type of flash drive.
  • Save Recovery Session helps you to perform recovery task in a fast way. Resume option is also there, so no need to rescan entire flash drive when you stop recovery task.
  • Retrieves all types of image and raw files in few simple clicks of mouse.
  • Preview the retrieved image files after completion of retrieving task.
  • Free downloading of this application is also available.
  • Simple video tutorial is one of the unique feature, through this, you can easily know that how to use Retrieve Lost Photos software. Our technical support team is also available 24*7. You can contact them through Email chat, Live chat or Phone call.

Note: Check this page to gain some more ideas about Retrieve Lost Photos software.