How to Restore Deleted NTFS Partition Windows 7?

Windows 7 is very simple and popular operating system designed by Microsoft Corp. MS Windows 7 comes with three editions that are Home Premium, Ultimate and Professional. Computers running on any versions of Microsoft Windows OS uses a hard drive to save uses information. Hard disk drive is the main part of any system which contains user’s data as well as operating system related files. This hard disk is separated with several parts known as partitions to save OS, application and other software along with user’s data.

Partitioning of hard drive makes simpler and easier to manage the data logically. Each partition of system drive is assigned with a file system to save and manage the information on the drive. If something went wrong with a particular partition, then it will not effect to another partition. You should be very careful while working on partition because a single mouse click may lead to loss entire partition. If you have accidentally deleted your important data from NTFS partition of Windows 7 system and looking to get back them, then there is no need to worry about it, because you can easily restore deleted ntfs partition Windows 7 system drive with the help of File Recovery Software without facing any other issue.

Some Most Common Causes of Data Deletion from NTFS Partition:  

  • Sometimes, partition can be inaccessible because of file system damaged. A file system is very essential and it saves all the related information and manages the files. File system can get broken if you attempt to modify the existing file system to other different file system for example altering the file system from FAT 16 to NTFS. Suppose, if file system alteration procedure gets fails because of unidentified errors then it lead to file system corruption that in turn results in massive loss of partition.
  • Virus attack is the main key reason behind the missing of the partition. When viruses affect one file then it will stretches to complete partition. After that, you will attempt to eliminate those viruses with the help from antivirus software but often it may not remove the viruses. Therefore, if you desire to take out those viruses from partition then you have to format the whole partition and it result in loss of complete partition.

After facing data deletion issue as described above, you can simply recover entire partition data by using File Recovery tool with just few simple steps. It is one of the highly recommended third party recovery applications to Restore deleted ntfs partition Windows 7 without facing any other problems. This tool can easily recover deleted ntfs partition on Windows 7 computer without any missing any information.

This software provides very easy to use interface, so that you do not have face any trouble to understand its functioning. The recovery utility has also a choice to make disk pictures that scans the entire partition, creates a copy of the partition and fruitfully restores data. You can download its trial demo version to test the features of the recovery tool.