Know about Killing of Windows Mobile

In the media Windows Phone of Microsoft has died for several times. In the last quarter the total of 1.1% of smartphone market share came in, due to this it’s all over. Also there are no chances of Windows 10 update coming in to save the platform. The only question that arises in the mind is, is the Windows 10 Phone is died? Some of the people would say yes and some would say no.

Samsung-Focus-Flash-headerThere are 100% chances of Windows Phone getting died more than door nail. In this case the music words “Windows Phone is dead” are needed to kill Windows phone off. That means as much as the media believes and spreads these words of Windows Phone is dead, and then there are 100% chances of Windows Phone getting died. Because of this no one will prefer to develop and buy dead devices. In the blogs and many executives are not responding to this, but they are just saying that they are going either of those things. This saying is correct the form there side and it is only for the point of sales because the sales are decreasing day by day.

Apart from this issue, there is other issue of app gap. Aside from that, there is the app gap issue. Now while many people can say that Windows Phone’s app catalogue is sufficient and deride others who rely on apps as “app-crazy” or other derogatory terms, the truth Is that the app gap is still sufficiently large so as to appear insurmountable. It is not small for some people, for others it is literally insurmountable.

Someone who relies on Snapchat for their job as a social media manager, someone who has a hobby of reading Medium posts before work, someone whose social circle uses Kik extensively, the list goes on. There are simply too many apps that the platform doesn’t have, and Microsoft has shown 0 interests in cleaning up the store and pressing delete on worthless apps.

In terms of OEMs, Microsoft’s OEMs like HTC, Samsung, LG and Huawei – OEMs who are doing good work on the Android side, have firmly snubbed Windows Phone. Microsoft itself seems to be snubbing Windows Phone, with Tencent last week noting that Windows Phone was losing users and Microsoft wasn’t doing anything about it.