Know How to Fix RAR Corrupt File With Much Ease

RAR repairRAR is an archive file format mainly used to compress large size file which can be downloaded from internet. This archive format works by collecting different segments unlike a ZIP file. RAR file has multiple segments, so if you want to extract the complete file then yo will need to collect all the segments.

If a RAR file contains video, then you can often just feed the raw data into a video player and watch it. However, that is not how the RAR format was designed to work. If you collect all the segments, and then do the extraction, you will likely find that the RAR archive contains a normal video file, such as an MP4.

Often it happens that RAR files do not allow a particular file to open or refuse to open a downloaded file. This is mostly due to a corrupt RAR file.

WinRAR has provision or settings that prevent us to open a damaged or corrupt file. If you will try to open one, you will find a empty folder only. This is a default configuration but can be changed to repair corrupted RAR files. Follow this process Step by step:

  1. Right click on the RAR files and from the list, click on the extract files option.
  2. A window will appear showing where a folder can be selected and where it may be saved.
  3. Choose the check box which gives the option ‘Open Broken file’.
  4. Click OK at the bottom of the window.
  5. A warning will pop up but it should be disregarded at this point.

At the end of the process, you will be able to view RAR files that can be extracted. However this process has certain limitation. This process works well when a file is partially corrupted but for standalone RAR files nothing much can be done.

Good news is Fix RAR Files has the answer for How to fix RAR corrupt file. This software is designed for Windows as well as Mac. CRC error is also kind of headache around RAR files. Usually, installed WinRAR is supposed to open it without problems and if after a re-download it does not open, then it may have been got from a corrupt source. Broken or corrupted RAR files should not be a setback because with the right ingenuity, they can be extracted successfully. This tool can also address CRC errors and related errors.