Download Software to Recover Files from Formatted Laptop

In this computer era, laptop has gained popularity over the globe because of its high advanced features. Laptops make life easier to carry on business trip, vacation, and can be carried by the people to anywhere, since it is light weighted and portable. Laptop have high transfer rates, the files can be stored safe and secure. Laptops are more reliable and much compatible to use.

However, the files may get loss due to many reasons. Formatting the laptop drive is one among them. It is the serious issue faced by maximum computer users in recent days. Knowingly or unintentionally formatting the laptop drive will erase the files permanently without throwing them to Recycle Bin. If you don’t have a backup file, you might spare a second thought of losing the formatted files permanently. In such case, Don’t panic!!! You have landed on a right page.

Here is the trusted software to recover files from formatted laptop. Just move few steps ahead with the external third party toolkit that easily land up to your destiny. This toolkit is designed and fabricated with a special scanning algorithm, that scans the formatted drive indeed and recover files from formatted laptop without any level of difficulty.

Instructions to recover data after formatting laptop:

  • Initially, download and install Data Recovery software on your operating system. Select Recover Drives option from the main screen window.
  • Later, click on Formatted/Reformatted Recovery option on the next screen window to recover files from formatted laptop.
  • Select the appropriate drive from the list of logical drives and hit on next option to proceed further.
  • Scanning process to recover files from formatted laptop will be initiated. After successful completion of scan process, one can preview the restored files.
  • The retrieved files can be previewed either in File type view or Data type view.
  • Purchase the software, to save the restored files on your desired location path.

Key features of the file recovery software:

  • Files from the formatted/reformatted laptop can be easily restored in a few simple steps.
  • This software also recovers the deleted or lost files from the laptop quickly.
  • This also supports to recover files from reformatted laptop hard drive.
  • Deleted/lost/formatted files from various portable storage devices like external hard drive, SD card, CF card, SDHC card, USB drives etc. can be restored with an ease.
  • Formatted data from different file system such as NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, EXFAT can be retrieved easily.
  • The recovered files from the formatted laptop can be saved on CD/DVD or any other drives.

File recovery software is a platform independent, it effectively supports to recover files from formatted drive on various versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Window 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. as well as on different Mac Operating system.

Download Software to Unerase the Deleted Files

“….Files from my system drive has been erased due to virus infection. The deadly virus had corrupted the file system and I have lost entire data. Could anyone suggest me: The finest Uneraser software, where I can retrieve all my deleted files easily?”The files get erased or deleted due to many reasons. Reason may be anything but recovering erased files is simple by using third party recovery toolkit. Uneraser software easily rollback all the deleted contents files easily without any hassle. How

How to unerase files?

The erased/deleted files can be can be unerased in a few simple mouse clicks, just move few steps ahead with unerase software:

  • Launch the application after successful download and installation of Unerase software on your operating system.
  • Later, select Recover Files option from the main screen window and choose either Recover Deleted Files option or Recover Lost files option based on your requirement from the next screen window.
  • Select the drive from the list of drives from where you want to unerase files and hit on Next option.
  • Scanning process to unerase files will be initiated and after successful completion of scan process, you can easily preview the unerased files.
  • If you are using demo version of software, purchase the software to save the unerased files on your desired path.

Eye-catching features of the Unerase software:

  • This software easily recovers a wide variety of file types, retrieves any erased files in few simple steps with an ease and safe.
  • Music, Videos, picture files , other media files and document files like MS Word file, Excel file can be unerased easily.
  • The various file formats such as MP3, MP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI, JPG, JPNG, DOC, DOCX, PDF, PPT, TiFF, etc. can be recovered.
  • Uneraser software is fabricated in such a way that, any deleted data on SD card, XD card, memory card, CF card, USB drive, external hard drive, system drive, etc. can be retrieved without any level of difficulty.
  • It also retrieves the files from formatted or reformatted drives.
  • The files which are deleted by virus cause can be recovered safely.
  • This application has an option to save recovery session, to avoid repeated scan of the drive,
  • It thoroughly recover the files from various file system such as HFS, HFS+, NTFS, FAT16, FAT 32, EXFAT.

Different Scenarios behind the file deletion:

  • The files/data might get erased permanently by formatting the drive.
  • Virus attack on the files will disturb whole file system resulting in deletion of data.
  • Files deleted by using shift+delete command will erase the files permanently without moving to Recycle Bin folder.
  • Wiping out the files from Recycle Bin will also result in file deletion scenario.

Other factors such as Operating system crash, Program crash, any interruption during file transfer might be the others reasons behind the file deletion. However, the deleted files can be unerased easily by using an external uneraser recovery tool. This application recovers the files from various version of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, windows 7, Windows 3, Windows XP, Windowsc Vista, etc. as well as on different mac operating system

How to Restore Files?

Files are recorded in documents in different formats. The file loss/deletion will have a great impact.

Hello… Myself James Helicon.

I deleted some files unknowingly, I’m searching for the deleted files and those files are quite important to me. I’m worried!!! Could anyone suggest me: How can I achieve file restoration? Is there any external tool which helps me to recover files?”

downloadIf you have deleted any files unknowingly, not to worry!! You can recover the deleted files easily by using File Recovery toolkit which has an unusual built-in mechanism to scan complete drive in-depth and to retrieve files successfully.

File Restore Software: 5 steps ahead to restore deleted files

Step 1: Launch File Restore Program after successful download and installation on your system.

Step 2: Choose the Recover files option from main screen window and later choose either Recover lost files or Recover deleted files based on the scenario stumbled across.

Step 3:  Select the particular drive from where files have to be restored.

Step 4: Recovery process for file restore program will be initiated. The files will be sorted after successful recovery process.

Step 5: You can preview the restored files, later purchase the software to save the retrieved files on the desired location.

What are the reasons behind the file deletion/file loss?

  • Accidental deletion is the primary human mistake where important files get deleted unintentionally while deleting unwanted files.
  • Virus/Malware infection may have a great impact on infected files and files get deleted without moving to Recycle Bin.
  • Untrusted third party tools may also responsible for deletion of files.
  • Formatting/reformatting the hard drive will results in deletion of files permanently.
  • Other aspects such as interruption during file transformation, Operating System crash, abrupt system shut down, and some bad sectors may also delete the files.
  • The Size limit of Recycle bin matters a lot: If the size limit exceeds, the files may delete permanently without going to recycle folder.

Outstanding features of file restore software:

  • File restore software is platform independent which can be used on all versions of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, etc.
  • This application has an ability to restore the deleted files in few simple steps.
  • Files from external hard drives, iPods, USB drives, memory card, and SD card can be easily recovered.
  • Recovering files from hard drives like SATA, SCSI, etc. can be performed.
  • Files deleted permanently using shift-delete keys can be easily retrieved.
  • The software is integrated in such a way that, it has a strong scanning process to recover files without hassle.
  • Files of any format can be easily recovered by using this software.

File Restore Program provides the complete solution for recovering deleted files in few simple steps without any level of difficulty.

Software to Retrieve the SanDisk Files

SanDisk is multi branded company which gained popularity in flash memory products such as memory card, USB flash Drives. SanDisk Drive effectively stores images, videos, audios and some important documents based on the availability of the storage space.


“I stored many files and some important data on SanDisk drive. While transferring all files from SanDisk to system. There was a sudden turn off in the system due to some bad factors. After successful re-login of the system, I noticed that some files were missing. I couldn’t find them on SanDisk Drive too. Where did the files go? Can I get back the lost files from my SanDisk drive? If so-How to recover SanDisk data?”

SanDisk Recovery can be easily achieved by using third party recovery tool.

Simple Steps to recover SanDisk data:

  1. Download and install SanDisk Recovery software on your operating system and run the application.
  2. Connect SanDisk Device to the system and open the installed application. Later select the Recover drives from the main screen window.
  3. From the next screen window, choose appropriate option to retrieve SanDisk files. Select the SanDisk device and click Next option to proceed further.
  4. Scanning process for recovery will be started and once scanning process is completed you can preview all recovered files.
  5. The recovered files can be saved on your desired location by purchasing software.

Various reason behind the deletion of data from SanDisk flash drive?

  1. Accidental deletion by unknowingly along with the important one will be the major reason to lose data.
  2. Virus/ Malware infection on SanDisk flash drive will corrupt the file system and make them to not work.
  3. Formatting/Reformatting the SanDisk flash drive unnecessarily will delete all the files permanently.
  4. Transferring of data from SanDisk Drive to system and vice versa, if there is a sudden shutdown of system it results in the data loss.
  5. Other factors such as System crash, program crash, sudden interruption, bad sectors may also delete the data.

Standby features of SanDisk Recovery software:

  1. Deleted files from SanDisk flash drives can be easily recovered in few simple steps.
  2. This software has an ability to restore data from SD card, micro SD card, memory card and so on.
  3. Any file system such as HFS, FAT32, etc. Can be retrieved in few simple moves.
  4. This software as an ability to perform SanDisk recovery on various sizes of SanDisk such as 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB flash drives easily.
  5. It can be implemented on all versions of Windows and any Mac based system to recover lost SanDisk data.

Precautions: To be taken

  1. Download of effective antivirus software. Regular up-gradation and scan should be performed to remove the virus from SanDisk drive.
  2. Abrupt ejection and improper handling of SanDisk drive should be avoided and should make a practice of keeping backup to face worse situation.
  3. Never ever reformat the drive after formatted data loss.

Download Software to Backup Outlook 2010 Calendar

 move-outlook-calendar-items01Microsoft Outlook is famous application for better communication and popularly used by most of the people across the world. MS Outlook doesn’t include only mail but also other Outlook attributes like contacts, calendar, journal entries, tasks, notes etc. Most commonly calendar is used to remind us some important meetings, events and schedules day to day activities. But sometimes user may lose calendar on Outlook due to some reasons. If back up is not taken, and losing of Outlook calendar may affect the users and may cause imbalance in daily activities. How backup Outlook 2010 calendar done? Can we backup Outlook calendar without losing any original contents? Backup Microsoft Outlook 2010 calendar can be achieved by special technique.

How to Backup Outlook 2010 calender?

  • Firstly download outlook backup and migrate application on your desktop and install it. Run software and double click on the Backup button, on the main window tool.
  • Once you hit on the Backup button, Create/Manage Profile window will be displayed. You can either choose existing backup profile option or create a new backup profile option. Click on the Next button to proceed further.
  • Later Select Outlook items window that you want to backup which contains calendar by clicking on the checkbox. After selecting the items, hit on the Next button.
  • You can select most appropriate options from the Backup settings window which is displayed on the screen.
  1. Destination location.
  2. Compression.
  3. Security.
  4. Splitting.

Click on the Next button to proceed further, after filling appropriate data.

  • In this particular step the Backup scheduler window enables backup task on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Mention the Start time, Start date and End date. Click on the next button to restore..
  • The application shows the expected backup file size, and destination location. Once you Verify the required size and backup file path, click  on ok button.
  • The complete Backup summary will be displayed on the screen on successful completion of Backup process.

Why backup MS outlook calendar is needed?

  • Viruses and malware are primary threats which may corrupt PST files to access the mentioned data in calendar immediately this software is highly recommended.
  • Termination of 2010 PST files abruptly may easily corrupt PST file. Calendar item from the user is inaccessible due to the corrupted file. In those situations it is better to have backup of Calendar items which strongly helps in backup outlook 2010 calendar.

Outlook backup software Overview:

  • This software lets you backup Outlook calendar along with the other attribute regularly with the help of its strong built in algorithm.
  • Outlook backup on a daily, weekly or monthly basis can be retrieved depending on your needs and requirements.
  • This software also helps in importing calendar from Outlook 2003 to 2007 and to other higher versions in very few easy steps without any difficulty.
  • Using the migration Outlook software, you can easily perform outlook migration of created backup from one system to another.

Canon PowerShot Deleted Photo Recovery

It is a painful moment when you realize that your Canon PowerShot photos were not present on the SD card. IT may get deleted or lost due to numerous reasons. You might have risked your life taking those photographs and you want to get them back as soon as possible. They cannot be missed and so you are here reading this article in the hope of recovering lost photos by using this guide.

You have a good news waiting, yes, this tutorial is about Canon PowerShot deleted photo recovery. The only requirement is you need to download a software called Remo Recover. This is the one and the only requirement needed to get back your precious photos. A short video about recovering photos from Canon PowerShot camera describes how to do it in simple steps. After watching this below video, you will wonder that it is really simple that you don’t even have to do other than few simple clicks.

Make sure to watch the video to understand it fully before proceeding. Click the ‘YouTube’ icon on the bottom right of the embedded video as it redirects you to a YouTube video in which you find the download link of the software at the description. This further takes you to a site where you will have options to download and buy the software. All the versions of the software have a free preview option, so you can download a free version application.

After scanning and previewing the recovered photos you can activate the full version software license. This makes sure you save your files correctly.

Follow the usage of the software as described in the above video. Download it first, install it and launch it on your device. Then, choose all the options same as mentioned in the above video. You will get access to your files after this and you can preview it freely without any difficulties. Once it is done, you can choose the preferred save location which saves the photos on it. Always make sure to connect your SD card inserted in Canon PowerShot for recovery of photos from it.

Why Remo Recover Tool for Canon PowerShot Deleted Photo Recovery?

  • Because it can restore all the photo file formats such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP and all the RAW formats of Canon such as CR2 and CRW along with other media types such as videos and music files.
  • Because it’s user interface is very simple, easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. Just simple clicks are needed throughout the recovery process.
  • Restoring photos takes a few minutes depending upon the size of the disk / card you are scanning because of its file recovery algorithms.
  • Ability to function effectively on all OS of Windows and its file systems.
  • Because it can preview the photos before saving it and even before buying the software.
  • Because it can restore over 300 file types of all media files.
  • Because it recovers photos from microSD cards, SDXC, SDHC cards, MMC cards, XD cards, CF cards, etc.

Recovering Data from Drive when CHKDSK Reports Raw File System

Well, if you got some error from Windows OS reporting RAW file system while checking it in CHKDSK, then the first thing you have to do is ‘Don’t Panic’. Because, in this article, we are about to discuss how to recover data from the partition in which CHKDSK reports RAW file system. You might be wondering what is wrong with the partition as the normal file systems are NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, and ExFAT. Here, we are about to use a software for restoring data and it is called Remo Recover application.

What does it mean if CHKDSK Reports RAW File System?

CHKDSK is simply check disk, which tells information about the disk to the user. When you find any drive / partition inaccessible, you might have used CHKDSK to check the drive status and it reports RAW file system. This means that the partition is unavailable for use to store or receive any data. Because it might have been affected due to various reasons. This says the user that the entire drive is RAW and user cannot access it. In such situation, we need a software like Remo Recover to recover the valuable data stored on the partition which is now showing RAW.

You might have stored gigabytes of data in it, now you don’t have access to any of your important data. In such case, Remo Recover comes into action. Watch the video demo on recovering data from the drive when CHKDSK reports RAW file system.

Advantages of using Remo Recover for restoring data from RAW File System

  • Remo Recover software will function in a good manner in all file systems of windows such as RAW, NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32, and ExFAT. This means that it can able to recover the data present on your file system that is currently displaying RAW.
  • The software has a user-friendly interface which can be used by computer beginners as it is intended to all users. Despite of it’s simple interface, it takes strong restoring algorithms and mechanisms in order to restore all the files.
  • Ability to work on all physical disk drives for recovery. This includes hard disk drives, solid state drives, firewire drives, USB pen drives, SD cards, etc.
  • Remo Recover tool will explore all the sectors of the hard drive and partition to find out more than 300 types of files. It scans the drive deeply and there is no chance of missing even a single file / data.
  • The software is not only limited on recovering system files but also recovers pictures, compressed archives, music files, videos, documents, spreadsheets, etc.

Security Measures

You should be aware of some things so that you can keep your data safely and securely. Keep your computer operating system and antivirus up-to-date so that it can defend against the latest threats that might spoil your computer data. Don’t delete or access any Windows reserved files that are included for the performance of your system. Altering any contents in it might create confusion in OS and system starts behaving abnormally. It might make some services not to work properly. Error while interrupting the format process of the file system might leave it in a RAW file system state where you can no longer access the data.

Even by following the security measures, if your file system turns into RAW, you never worry anymore as you have discovered Remo Recover.

How to Undelete Folders from Windows and Mac Computer?

Some people use “Shift+ Delete” option to remove a file or folders from their computer and also the habit of folder-recoveryemptying the Recycle Bin to clear junk files. In both the cases, the file deletion is permanently deleted and can’t retrieve directly from the Windows Recycle Bin. User may get upset once they realized that they have deleted a wrong files or folders in any of the above cases. But don’t worried, you can use Folder Recovery software to know how to undelete folders with utmost ease.

Reasons behind deletion of file or folder from system hard drive/ any storage device:

  • Losing files or folders due to the harmful virus or malware infection.
  • Recycle Bin bypass if you large sized folder or files from the system.
  • Deleting of files or folders from any external storage device.
  • Accidental formatting of the drive.
  • Using “Shift+ Delete” option, you may delete some vital files or folders.
  • Deleting files using command prompt on Windows OS.
  • Emptying Recycle Bin after any file or folders is deleted from the system.
  • Files or folders may get deleted due to any third party software like antivirus program.
  • Accidental deletion of file or folders from the system or any storage device.
  • Your files or folders may get deleted once you are trying to relocate available free space to various partitions, and you may unintentionally delete those partition.

If you are facing above-mentioned scenarios then don’t get upset. In such circumstances, you can opt Folder Recovery software to know how to undelete folders within few mouse clicks.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Always keep a backup of essential folders or files in order to prevent loss of data.
  • Install a good antivirus program on your system to scan the virus.
  • Stop using the system or any storage device if you have deleted any files from it.
  • Don’t save the recovered folder or files in the same location from where you are recovering it.
  • Check twice the contents of the Recycle Bin before emptying it.
  • Don’t delete any files using “Shift+ Delete” option which leads to permanent deletion of files or folders.

Features of Folder Recovery Software:

  • This software is designed in such a manner which deeply scan your storage device and recovers deleted or lost files from it with great ease.
  • It recovers various types of files such as audio, video, documents, etc. from the deleted folder of the system on Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, etc.
  • Demo version is available free of cost on the web for the user which can be used to test the performance of the software before saving it.
  • It recovers deleted files or folders from a various storage device such as portable hard drive, FireWire drive, iPod, pen drive, memory card, memory stick, hard drive, USB drives, etc.
  • Use “Preview” option of the software to view the recovered folders before restoring it to the desired location.

Repair PST File when ScanPST fails to Repair

ScanPST is a default tool which Microsoft Outlook provides to repair the corrupt PST files. Sometimes due to the high amount of corruption, it fails to repair some of the PST files. You might think there is no other option to repair this corrupted PST file. There is a way and it is the usage of a tool called Remo Repair PST which can able to repair corrupt and damaged PST files which even ScanPST fails to repair. A video is given below for your reference as this shows the working of this tool and how it carries out the repair process.

So, how to repair PST file when Scanpst not working.

How to Repair Outlook PST?

Install the tool Remo Repair Outlook PST by following the link provided in the video above. Then, open it as you are getting ready to repair the PST files. As you know the location of your file, simply click on “Open PST File” and click on next button. Otherwise, you will have options to locate the PST file if you don’t know where your corrupted PST file is saved. In this step, you will be shown with two options such as “Normal Scan” and “Smart Scan”. Choose the one which suits the best for your PST file and  then finally select the destination folder for saving the Outlook PST file after repair. Then click on “Repair” as the tool fixes the PST file by applying its algorithms to repair.

After the successful completion of the repair process, you will be able to preview it as from address, to address, subject and date of the emails can be viewed. To display the fixed file along with the body and attachments, just upgrade the software license.

Features of Remo Repair PST

  • Remo Recover can work on corrupted and damaged PST files that got created using various versions of Microsoft Outlook application such as 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.
  • The tool is able to repair PST file having larger sizes. In simple words, it works on all file sizes of Outlook PST files.
  • The tool handles the PST file in a very safe manner that it reads the file in read-only mode making no alterations to the original PST file as this may cause further corruption. So, it is very safe to use.
  • The software repairs PST files in all Windows platforms till the latest one Windows 10.
  • It can perform repair of PST files of corrupted, damaged and fixed state. This is possible because it uses strong repair techniques. This makes the tool to repair PST files that even ScanPST fails to do so.

Reasons behind PST file corruption

  • Due to the cancellation in the process of creating PST files.
  • Due to the infection of malware in PST file stored on a Windows computer.
  • Opening the PST file in an incompatible software other than MS Outlook.
  • Using Unreliable software to compress PST file for sending.

The above-said reasons may cause corruption in PST files which sometimes makes the PST file to not work and you definitely need some other software like Remo Repair Outlook PST.

Download CF Card Data Recovery Software for FREE

cfCompact Flash card is one of the most commonly used flash memory card which was developed by SanDisk Corp. in 1994. This memory card is used by people for storing their precious data like images, videos, audios, etc. Compact Flash cards are used compatible with various portable electronic devices, including digital cameras, music players, game devices, smartphones, game console, etc. It is capable to save very large number of data files and also offer very high data transferring capability. Apart from these advanced features of Compact flash cards, sometimes, people can lose or deleted their precious data from their CF card. After encountering such difficult situation, people want to recover these deleted or lost data from CF cards at any cost because it can be their important data.

Does above mentation CF card data deletion problem belong to you? Do you want to perform CF Card data recovery? If yes, then go through this article and get the complete way of data recovery from CF card. In order to recover data from Compact Flash card, you need to use advanced third party software like CF Card Data Recovery because there is no other way to get back deleted data from it. This recovery program is highly capable to retrieve deleted or lost data from Compact Flash card without any difficulty.

Most common reasons behind data deletion or loss from CF card:

Accidental formatting: Most of the time people format their CF card connected with the system while formatting other drives. This incorrect CF card formatting removes all the data present in the card and people face data deletion issue.

Virus Infection: In order to use of same CF card with numerous electronic gadgets such as digital camera, camcorders and smartphone may also lead to data deletion from it. If this card connected with any virus infected device, then it deletes the data from this Compact Flash card.

Improper Handling: During transferring or moving data from CF card to the computer / laptop, if people remove the card from the system before the completion of this process, then this sudden ejection can be a reason behind data deletion from CF card.

Other Causes: There are a number of other reasons which may lead to data deletion or loss from CF cards such as accidently deletion, CF card corruption, file system corruption, formatting, etc.   

In order to recover data from CF card which can be deleted or lost in any above described way, you can take the help of CF Card Data Recovery program. This utility has enough potential to recover CF data which can be damaged, formatted, reformatting or inaccessible without any difficulty. Not only from Compact Flash cards, people can also recover data from numerous memory card types like SD cards, SDHC, XD picture cards, Multi Media Card, SDXC, Memory sticks, etc. very easily. CF Card Data Recovery program has developed with the help of an efficient searching algorithm which allows people to perform deep scanning of Compact flash cards and restore each bit of data as it was before deletion. With the help of this program, you can take the preview of recovered data before keeping them other storage device very easy.