How to Recover Lost Documents after System Restore?

Are you ever lost essential document after system restore? Are you tensed how for recovering documents after system restore? Are you looking for best solution to restore your vital documents? If yes, just refer this article because here I am going to illustrate an easiest way to recover documents after system restore. Lost Document Recovery is one of the recommended tools that helps in recovering documents after system restore in few simple steps. There are some reasons that may cause for document loss from hard drive after system restore which you can face some important document losses. Let us discuss about the common reasons by which you can lose document after system restore.

  • While performing the system restore you may accidentally miss some of the steps that may result to the deletion of document from hard drive and you do not have any other option except the recovery of these deleted documents from hard drive in order to avoid document loss from hard drive.
  • While performing the system restore user must take the proper backup of hard drive document otherwise you may accidentally lose your entire stored document from hard drive.
  • Error while reinstalling the operating system that may also cause the deletion of document from hard drive.
  • Some other causes that may also result for document loss from hard drive are as follows: virus infection, accidentally formatting of hard drive etc.

Therefore, user must need to take the backup of important stored document in hard drive before performing these tasks otherwise you might lose entire stored document from hard drive then you can easily restore your lost document from hard drive by making use of Lost Document Recovery utility. This is one of the most sophisticated lost document recovery tool designed by highly skilled software industry professionals. This tool can also be used for successful system restore without deleting the document from hard disk.

This highly developed utility performs profound scanning of a drive to get back lost document after system restore.  By using this utility that helps in recovering documents after system restore on following different types of hard drives like IDE SCSI, SATA and PATA. You can make use of this program for retrieving documents after system restore from the storage device that is formatted with various file system such as NTFS, FAT, HFSX, Ex-FAT and HFS+. Apart from recovering the deleted documents from different hard drive file format, this utility can also restore deleted documents from laptops manufactured by different brands like Toshiba, Apple ,Compaq, Lenovo, Dell ,Sony,  Acer and many others.

Lost Document Recovery application supports document recovery from all latest Windows and Mac operating system platforms including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2008 server, Windows 2003 server, Windows 8618, Mavericks, Leopard, Yosemite, OS X, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, and Lion etc. without much difficulty. By using this Lost Document Recovery tool you can easily get back the document of different types of documents files like picture, videos, audio, games, documents, software’s etc. This utility can also restore your deleted documents from different document storage devices like memory cards like SD, XD, CF, MMC and memory sticks etc. Besides recovering deleted documents from memory cards, this tool can also get back the deleted documents from other media storage devices pen drives, etc. Recovery of deleted documents from different external hard drives manufacturers such as Western digital, Transcend, Seagate, Toshiba, EMC Corporation, Sony, and Samsung etc. with ease.

How to Recover Data after Formatting the Drive?

Formatting drive is a process of arranging the drive to prepare it for initial use. It is also used to create one or more types of file systems. There are basically three types of formatting levels. One is low level formatting. The second process is the partition process which is used to make the partition visible to users. The third process of formatting is known as high level of formatting. This method is used to create a new level of file system. In some operating systems all of these methods can be combined to create a new disk medium which is used to fully store files. After formatting most of its files can be stilled found in the disk medium.

Different scenarios which describe how formatting is helpful to the users:

  • Formatting is useful in many scenarios like when you are using the hard drive for the first time. Suppose you have installed a new hard disk in your system then you need to format the drive with a new file system such as NTFS, so that you can store files on that drive.
  • Formatting also helps you to erase almost all the information that is present in the hard disk.
  • Formatting is also helpful during the virus attacks. If you don’t have an antivirus or if your antivirus fails to protect your system than formatting can be helpful to delete the virus.
  • Users might have encountered some situations when computer doesn’t start due to some error, or when your computer is not able to load the operating systems. During this scenario the computer will show some message which will inform us that the loading of operating system has failed. In that case formatting and installing a new clean operating system is the only way.
  • Formatting is also done when computer shows a black or blue screen error.
  • Suppose you are using an old version of Windows and you want to upgrade it to new version of Windows then it is better to install a clean operating system. To upgrade your Windows instead of upgrading the old operating system its better to format the drive and install a new operating systems.
  • When your computer is running slow what will you do? In most cases users prepare defrag the drives, use a third party application to remove the junk files, or scan the computer for virus. If this all methods fail then the best option is to format the drives.

Recover after format with the help of a recovery tool:

If you forget to back up your files before formatting or if you miss some important files during the backup then you don’t have to cry out loud. The good news is that in this article you will be introduced with a special recovery tool which will help you to recover after format. The After Format Recovery tool is known for producing maximum positive results. Some salient features of this tool  are discussed below:

  • With the help of the powerful algorithm technique which is used to build this tool it can easily carry out the recover after format.  This tools supports upto 300 types of file formats.
  • This tool can scan your formatted hard drive in few minutes and recover all your files without any hassle.
  • There is no compatibility issue while installing the software in Mac or Windows. This software performs swiftly with any versions.
  • This software can recover huge volume of data from any formatted or unformatted drives.
  • This tool gives you the privilege to preview the files before restoring.
  • Whether it is a USB, potable hard disk, memory card or any drives it is best tool to recover files from any situation.






Software to Recover Photos from Samsung Micro SDHC Card

Samsung is the leading South Korean based company that manufactures Micro SDHC card for digital cameras, Smartphone, camcorders, DSLR camera, etc. This Samsung memory card provides high data rates up to 48MB/sec and huge storage devices. Usually, most of the users have to face unintentional deletion or loss of files including photos from Samsung Micro SDHC Card due to various reasons. To overcome with such situations you can use Mobile SD Card Recovery software. This tool is the best- suited to get back all your data including photos from Micro SDHC Card.

Reasons behind deletion or lost of photos from Samsung Micro SDHC Card:

Accidental Deletion: We delete some unwanted files like photos from memory card in order to store some more data. But mistakenly, you may select some important photos and delete them. This type of incidence leads to huge data loss.

Improper use of Micro SDHC Card: While transferring photos from memory card to system via card reader or vice versa, if you instantly remove the card reader then there might be chance of losing some photos from memory card.

Virus Attack: Virus is one of the major problems behind corruption of memory card. Thus if there is no proper protection given to your card, then there  are more chances that the card gets damaged due to virus attack.

Using Third Party Applications:  Sometimes you are unable to access the photos stored in your memory card as a result of virus invasion on it. Therefore, to make your memory card free from viruses you opt for scanning method with Antivirus software. If the photo is severely corrupted then that photo might get delete without notification.

Format Error: Assume that you’ve connected your memory card to system via card reader, throughout the time it displays “Format Error” on screen. Thus you are not able to access the data contained on it and compel you to format the card, which ends up in entire data loss.

Other Reasons: There are several more reasons behind deletion or lost of photos from Samsung Micro SDHC Card such as during transferring of photos, incorrect file system conversion, file system corruption, etc.

Safety measures to prevent Photos from Micro SDHC Card:

  • Maintain possible backup of all photos to avoid such situations.
  • Always use updated Antivirus on your Mobile Phones/ System to get free from virus attack.

Features of Mobile SD Card Recovery Software:

  • It supports picture recovery from Samsung micro SDHC card and allows you to preview the all recovered images.
  • With the help of this tool, you can easily recover photos from different memory cards such as xD card, MMC card, SD card, CF card, SDXC card, etc.
  • It recovers different types of image files such as JPG, JPEG, NEF, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD, RAW, TIFF, BMP, DNG, ARW, etc.
  • With the help of this tool you can easily recover pictures from Samsung micro SDHC card on Windows and Mac Operating System.
  • It recover pictures from Samsung Micro SDHC Card as well as from various brands of memory cards such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Sony, Lexar, Toshiba, etc.
  • For users Technical support team is available to help the users if they find any trouble during the installation process.

Tool to Recover Data from Partially Formatted Disk

“Yesterday when I turned ON my PC and try to enter into a partition drive. It was displaying some error notification saying that your drive has been corrupted, you need to format it. Then at that moment I started formatting drive but after sometime, I realized that this drive includes some important files which were really needed to me then I suddenly stopped formatting the drive. I open the drive and start searching those files but I didn’t find out them any way. I lost the files. Is there any way to recover files from partially formatted drive? If it is available, please let me know.”

Hard disk drive is a storing device which is used to store the different types of files in the system. Now with the improvement of technology, you can easily recover deleted files from partially formatted drive with the help of reliable recovery tool named Undo Format Application tool. It works very efficiently in recovering the deleted files from partially formatted hard disk drive. This software comes with rigorous scanning method that helps you to restore data from partially formatted disk efficiently. This software has achieved a great name among all recovery tools because of its tremendous effort in recovering the files from partially formatted disk. Undo Format Utility has numerous applications before knowing that let us discuss the conditions for which hard drive gets partially formatted.

Circumstances in which hard disk drive get partially formatted:

  • When you started formatting the hard disk drive, during formatting you remember that your hard drive contains some important files which are actually needed to you. Then at that moment you will stop formatting which results in partial format of hard disk drive.
  • If your hard disk drive gets affected with virus then you need to format it. While formatting if any interruption occurs like power surge, abrupt shut down, etc then it leads to the partial formatting of hard disk drive.
  • To perform re-installation or re-partition, you need to format your hard drive. Some software applications will not allow you to format the hard disk drive. It may result in partial formatting of hard drive.
  • Boot sector corruption, MBR corruption etc. are some cases in which you opt to format the hard disk drive. But you accidentally format another drive then when you realize you will stop doing it that which leads to partial formatting of hard drive.

Additional Features of Undo Format Application:

  • Undo Format Application allows you to recover files from partially formatted drive in a simple and easy manner.
  • By the help of this utility you can recover files from partially formatted drive on different versions of Windows Operating System like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, etc.
  • This tool is having simple user interface by which user with minimum computer knowledge can recover files from partially formatted hard drive.
  • Undo Format Application also supports on all versions of Mac Operating System such as Yosemite, Mavericks, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, etc.
  • It is an efficient tool because of its proficient work in recovering the files from partially formatted disk drive.

How to Recover Data after Formatting Hard Drive?

In computing, formatting means erasing the address of the data. So, if you are formatting the hard drive then all address will be erased which were provided for accessing the data saved on hard drive. As we know hard drive is the most essential part of computer, because without hard drive you won’t able to save any data on computer. In fact, operating system files are also going to be saved on hard drive and you know that without operating system, computer is of no use. Along with storing OS file, it is the main storage drive to save any data on any computer.

It is also known as default storage of any computer, as the name implies, any work done on computer is going to be saved on its hard drive. Beside this, it is the most preferred storage drive to store any data. That is why, many people use computer hard drive to keep their important data. So, if the hard drive gets formatted, it may create a big issue for many computer users.

If you are the one, facing loss of important data because of formatting the hard drive, then might be finding some valid method to perform formatted hard disk recovery. Don’t worry; try this powerful utility named as Hard Disk Data Recovery. It is the most preferred tool to recover data from formatted hard disk, which has been formatted due to becoming inaccessible or corruption of hard drive. This tool is developed after long research of expert teams about formatted hard disk data recovery. So, the utility is considered as more secure and safe to perform formatted hard disk recovery.

Some conditions when hard drive may get formatted or forced to format:

  • One of the common reason is accidental formatting the hard drive. It is mostly happens when you are trying to format any drive that is connected to desktop or laptop PC. In this case, you may format local hard drive of computer instead of formatting other removable drive.
  • When computer is infected by viruses or worms, there is a chance when you may find that hard drive refuse to open along with some error messages like format error, invalid disk, no drive etc. In such situation, you will be forced to format the drive for further use. And once it gets formatted, all data will be lost which were saved on that drive.
  • Sometimes, large number of bad sector created on hard drive might cause the drive. As a result hard drive may get inaccessible. Here, you won’t be able to reach any of the important data from inaccessible drive. In order to use the drive for the next time, you need to format it.
  • Improper file system conversion can also make the hard drive inaccessible, and hence you have no option other than formatting the hard drive. After formatting you may face huge amount of data loss.

Key attributes of Hard Disk Data Recovery software:

Hard Disk Data Recovery is read only tool, which ensures that it will never damage any of the data while performing formatted hard disk recovery process. Along with, the tool is built with easy to use and graphical interface, which will guide the users to perform hassle free operation to recover lost data due to formatted hard drive. This utility is highly capable to recover data from formatted internal or external hard drive of computer, which can also be utilized to recover lost data from formatted SSD, pen drive, memory stick and many more.

Any type of data recovery is possible from formatted hard drive using this effective tool. So, you will be able to efficiently recover lost images, audio/video files, documents, games and so on. The tool supports recovery of data from NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, HFSX, FAT32, exFAT etc., formatted file system drives on both Windows as well as Mac OS based computer.

Efficient Way to Perform Mobile SD Card Data Recovery

At the present time digital storage devices are preferred by most of the people in their electronic gadgets like digital cameras, iPods, mobile phones, camcorders, computers, etc to store and access various files easily. Among different digital storage devices available in the market such as hard drive, FireWire drives, memory cards, USB drive, etc, the SD card memory chip is the most popular and demanded one in which you can easily save and retrieve your valuable photos, videos, audios with good performance and in secure way. Though the size of SD card is small but it usually comes with different storage capacity that ranges from few MB to several GB. These cards are compatible with different brands such as HTC, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola, etc.

But sometimes few files from this SD card memory chip might get deleted or corrupted due to various reasons such as accidental deletion, virus attack, file transfer interruption, third party deletion and many more. In these circumstances most of the users get depressed and worry about to recover their important data from the SD card.

Are you worried of losing your valuable photos, videos from your mobile SD card? Just chill, no need to worry for this a lot!! Now it is very much easier for you to recover your deleted or lost photos from SD card in few minutes by using a best recovery tool. Mobile SD Card Recovery software is        the best and cost effective recovery tools which will recover all your audio, video files from SD card on Windows as well as Mac operating system in well organized manner.

Some reasons for losing data:

Formatting SD Card: Like any other storage device you can format your SD card as well. However, if you might have formatted your SD card unintentionally then it might results to severe loss of data from your SD card and your entire data present in the SD card become erased.

Accidental deletion: This happens due to user’s mistake. It generally occurs while viewing photos or videos you just pressed delete option on your mobile phone which leads to deletion of your important files from the phone. This incident may create panic situation for you at that time.

Interruption during transfer process: While performing data transfer from your SD card to the system or vice versa if any interruption occurs then it might lead o severe data loss. As a result your valuable files present in SD card become lost completely.

Apart from this other common reasons may erase data from your SD card such as virus attack, power surge, software faulty, scratches on the card, etc. Therefore in this condition, you need a Mobile SD Card Recovery tool which will recover your files from SD card.

Some Important Features of this tool:

  1. Mobile SD Card Recovery software is the efficient recovery tools which recover files from mobile SD card on all the newest version of Windows as well as Mac operating system.
  2. This tool helps you in recovering several types of files like digital images, music, videos, documents from your mobile phone and some other file types in less amount of time.
  3. It has the best scanning algorithm that helps to restore your crucial files from the SD card which is deleted by third party tools in an efficient way.
  4. One of the other advantages of using this utility is that it allows the users to preview files before saving it permanently to the desired location.