Simple Approach to Fix QuickTime Video Files

fix QuickTime file“Hi guys, my friend recorded some video at my wedding (using a Nikon camera and some using other brand of camcorder). I transferred those files (some were .mov and .mod extensions) on to my computer. Everything was going well until my system got shutdown improperly while playing those video on QuickTime media player. After this, there seems to be an issue with playing those videos. Previously when I played them there was no problem at all! But, now the .mov video file is missing sound when played. I have no idea about any of this stuff, but it’s very important to me to figure this out, at all possibilities. Is anyone experiencing such a kind of problem? Or does someone know a way to fix QuickTime file? If you guys have any suggestions, please share. Thank you”

Some of the reasons for QuickTime video file corruption:

  • Codec issues: While open / playing a video file on QuickTime media player you might experience an error message saying “Error 8971- file could not be open” This kind of error usually occurs due to codec issues or sometimes due to incomplete file downloading also while forceful shut down of the computer. So, to fix codec issues use only qualified QuickTime file repairer.
  • Header corruption: Header is the housing for all vital information’s like name, date of creation, size, extension, modified date, so on. This header usually tends to corrupt due to downloading error.  This may result in damaging the video file.
  • Playing QuickTime video file on incompatible media players: All though, QuickTime video file are compactible on several media players. There are few of the utilities which does not support the codec for MOV/ MP4 videos. In such cases if you try to open / play it on irreconcilable players, may result in damaged / corrupted video files.
  • Green screen: This is very common problem faced by most of the users. Suppose, if you had downloaded one of your favorite movie from internet and while playing it on QuickTime media player, you may hear sound without video visibility with a green screen background. In such circumstances, why to download the file again when it’s very easy to fix it!
  • Other motives: Sometimes reasons like audio – video out of synchronization, bad sectors, inappropriate recovery tool etc. may cause in file corruption.

Simple ways to repair QuickTime video files:

All the above corruption / damage scenarios can be effortlessly resolved by using repair QuickTime file application.This tool is bug free and reads the original file, identifies the causes behind the video file corruption and fixes them effectively and saves them as a new healthy file. It is offers “preview” of repaired video file in the demo version of the tool, so that you can get confidences of about the software before buying the paid version. The best of all features is, this tool separates both video and audio streams before fixing processing and after repairing it joins both the stream together. Try it out this software for optimum results.