What’s New In LG 55EG9100?

The LG 55EG9100 OLED TV’s image is best than any LCD or plasma TV. It’s equally adept in bright and dark rooms, showed correct color, and appears higher from off-angle than any crystal rectifier LCD. Its 1080p resolution is masses for a 55-inch screen. The TV appearance hanging in the flesh, with organic curves Associate in Nursingd an insane zero.25-inch depth on most of its body. The unhealthy Albeit the most-affordable OLED TV nevertheless, the 55EG9100 remains terribly high-priced for a 55-inch TV. Not like most high-end TVs it does not support HDR sources, and a few crystal rectifier LCDs will get brighter. Its 3D image quality is not nice, and uniformity issues will seem within the darkest scenes.LG 55EG9100

As the least-expensive OLED TV on the market, the LG 55EG9100 provides you all of the amazing image quality blessings of that technology for a value that is a trifle but astronomical. it is a stretch to decision it a “bargain” at $2,000 for fifty five inches, however not like LG’s alternative OLED TVs, it’s somewhere shut the realm that several individuals will afford. In the Britain this TV is understood because the 55EG910V and sells for £1,799, whereas in Australia it is the 55EG910T and sells for AU$3,999. Other than variations in good TV app support, the TVs are essentially just likes the U.S.A. version I reviewed here.

The very fact that it’s “only” 1080p and not 4K resolution should not be a deal breaker for many individuals. Neither ought to its incapability to handle HDR sources. It’ll still crush any LED-based LCD TV we have seen overall, together with the highest-end models with 4K and HDR. Then again, if you put in force your next TV having those next-generation options — a wonderfully affordable stance, particularly on a TV this high-priced, the 55EG9100 is not for you.

OLED display tech allows TVs to get amazingly thin, the top 3rd or so of the EG9100 measures less than a quarter inch deep, thinner than a pencil. That extra thickness, plus the curved screen, means the EG9100 won’t hang as flush to the wall as you might like. You’ll also need to buy a particular bracket, model OTW150 ($150 list), to wall-mount the TV. It won’t work with standard VESA wall mounts, which are typically much less expensive.

Key Features:                                           

Display technology                     –             OLED

LED backlight                                 –             N/A

Resolution                                     –           1080p

HDR-compatible                          –             No

Screen shape                              –             Curved

Screen finish                               –         Glossy

Smart TV                                       –     Web OS 2.0

Remote                                         –     Motion

3D technology                            –     Passive

3D glasses included                 –     2 pairs